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Lomapharm - Your Competent Partner for Solid and Liquid Pharmaceuticals

Lomapharm®: Pharmaceutical competence with a long tradition.

As a medium-sized pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company with around 110 employees, Lomapharm specialises in the production of tablets and liquid pharmaceuticals and high quality dietary supplements.

Processing and refining iron and mineral salts

Founded as long ago as 1878, this family-run company is now managed by the fourth generation. Lomapharm today is one of three affiliated companies within the Lohmann Group located in Emmerthal in the Weserbergland near Hameln/Germany. The core expertise of the Lohmann Group is processing and refining iron and mineral salts and their end products.

All of the production complies with GMP standards. The proactive investment strategy of the family that owns Lomapharm ensures that the company always fulfils the increasing demands of national and international markets.

Your specialist for tablets, film tablets and sugar coated tablets

Lomapharm delivers between three and four billion tablets per year to national and international customers. The versatile range of machines enables the company to produce mixtures for direct tablet compression, but also granulates – via dry granulation or wet granulation with subsequent drying.

Tabletting is carried out by computer-controlled high capacity presses. Coating takes place in a range of drum coaters with up to 500kg capacity. The “art of sugar coating” is performed in up to 24 modern tablet coating pans with capacities of up to 120kg each. This enables Lomapharm to process small and large batches of high quality sugar-coated tablets, in the last year in total more than 2 billion.


Lomapharm is now in the position to handle Microtablets and to offer the service of contract manufacturing of such modern solid dosage form. Microtablets are small tablets with a diameter of 2mm combining the dosage advantages of granules or powders with the advantages of classical tablet manufacturing.

Eye-drops and Ampoule filling

The manufacture of sterile products and especially filling under aseptic conditions requires special care. Lomapharm has modern clean rooms which comply with the increasingly stringent specifications laid down for sterile production. The filling lines fill ampoules and eye-drops up to 10ml in size, which are usually prepared in batches up to 650kg.

Liquid pharmaceuticals

Lomapharm produces solutions and sophisticated suspensions in batches up to 2.9t – also under nitrogen depending on the specific product. Modern filling lines ensure perfect filling. Final packaging and labelling takes place online under computer control – also for wrap-around functional labels.

Additional services

The range of services is rounded off by a broad spectrum of additional services such as the development and galenic optimisation of pharmaceutical formulations, design of dietary supplements, up-scaling, stability testing pursuant to ICH regulations, and support in approval application procedures.


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