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Pharmassist – Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organisation

Pharmassist is a contract research organisation located in Athens, Greece, providing services in the areas of regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, clinical trials, medical economics and biostatistics.

In a rapidly changing and demanding pharmaceutical market, our mission is to deliver timely, accurate, highly specialised and cost-effective services to our clients. Composed of integrally skilled and highly trained personnel, Pharmassist can guarantee high-quality services.

Pharmassist's range of services includes:

  • Regulatory affairs
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Clinical trials
  • Pricing and market access strategy
  • Medical information
  • Scientific and medical training
  • Support in business development
  • Marketing and sales support

Expanding country-specific services

Founded in 1999, Pharmassist has, over the years, established a network of experienced professionals and expert consultants in Greece and abroad. The breadth and depth of our experience has led to successful collaborations with multinational pharmaceutical enterprises and industries all over the world, reinforcing and confirming our excellent reputation within the healthcare arena and building the ground for new ventures.

Pharmassist is in the process of expanding the geographic coverage of the company to Balkan countries and Turkey as it is our aim to reflect the growing need for both multi-national and country-specific services within the healthcare arena.

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Pharmassist Limited
262 Mesogion Avenue
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Tel: +30 210 65 60 700
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